The Product. Its attributes and strengths are many.

  • MDCC is an inert/adsorbent man made polymer
  • No detergent residues to accelerate carpet re-soiling
  • MDCC is perfectly safe for carpet and human use; so safe you can digest it
  • MDCC has controlled/consistent particle size, non-respirable yet easy to vacuum
  • MDCC removes odor from carpet
  • Removes particulates (soil, spores, allergens and bacteria) from carpet rather than spreading around
  • Works with HVAC to reduce airborne particulates, bio-aerosols, and VOC’s
  • Non-abrasive to carpet fiber or backing
  • No VOC-emitting solvent carriers and fragrances
  • No optical brighteners
  • No bleaching agents
  • No water introduced into carpet to promote biological activity
  • No wet carpet smell
  • No facility downtime

MilliCare Dry Carpet Cleaner is a DRY adsorbent cleaning product and is recommended for the
following reasons:

    The MilliCare DRY process removes the soil and leaves no chemical residue in carpet, which attracts dirt and soil

    Carpet can be walked on immediately after or during cleaning: no down time needed for drying as in wet cleaning methods

    Carpet stays cleaner 2 to 3 times longer than when wet systems are used – with MilliCare you clean less often

    The MilliCare DRY process will not harm carpet, cause shrinkage, seam separation, color bleeding, mildew or delamination