Today’s product is made to perform…

and we like to keep it performing as it should.

Integrity of the Nylon

Nylon Comes with Protection

Fluoropolymer treatment creates a low surface energy which interferes with the intermolecular forces between the carpet fiber and soil.

Ability of carpet to prevent penetration of stains into the yarns.

Challenges from Ineffective Cleaning.

  • Rapid resoiling
  • Reappearance of spots several days after cleaning
  • Browning in the traffic lanes
  • Loss of distortion of color compared to an added attic stock tile
  • Prematurely reorder Carpet before its time

Residue “Coats” Nylon

Crush Rebounds or Sticks

MilliCare Dry Cleaning System

An enlarged photo of a carpet fiber cleaned with the Millicare Dry Cleaning System. The carpet fiber is left dry and free of sticky shampoo residue