A dry clean keeps your carpet healthy.

One of the best ways to make sure your carpet holds up over time is to make sure that the individual fibers stay clean and strong.

Millicare’s dry polymer system leaves your fibers smooth, clean and dry. Other systems leave water and soap residue behind that can weaken the fibers, cause rapid re-soiling, and leave your carpet susceptible to mold and bacterial growth.

Some Metrics:

  • Millicare is a dry, non-toxic cleaning system that goes deep inside the carpet to remove dirt and up to 99% of pollutants, dust mites, and harmful VOC’s when using a properly functioning HVAC
  • Millicare’s dry cleaning system uses 95% less water and keeps utility costs to a minimum
  • Hot water extraction uses 319% more energy to clean the same square footage as Millicare – that translates to 77% higher emissions
  • The Millicare cleaning process keeps carpet out of landfills by extending the useful life of your carpet – reducing and eliminating premature waste

The Millicare team is dedicated to keeping carpet fresh and clean down to the base of the substrate, achieving clean fibers with a complete, biological clean. Millicare delivers the highest quality textile and eco friendly carpet cleaning.

Why replace carpet when you can maintain it – this dry system is a one of a kind propriety deep cleaning system – available for all commercial carpet brands.

It works! Ask for a demo and see for yourself, Why Dry – Why Carpet Concepts!