• Floorcovering makes the most powerful visual statement within a facility.
  • Floorcovering is the most abused product within any facility. It is the #1 recipient of the “daily grind”.

Improper maintenance is the primary contributor to these three key appearance retention problems:

  • Change in color and/or luster, such as color fading, design walk-out, and soiling.
  • Change in texture, such as matting, detwisting, and loss of endpoint definition.
  • Loss of fiber, or abrasive wear.

MilliCare® Commercial Carpet Care Provider:

  • Specialists, trained and certified by MilliCare Commercial Carpet Care.
  • Optimized maintenance plan.
  • Regular maintenance schedule.
  • Implementation to guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction.

MilliCare™ Dry Carpet Cleaner offers:

  • Convenience–no down time.
  • Safety–no toxic chemicals.
  • Lasting results–no detergent residue.
  • Blend cleaning–no rings–reduces square footage cleaned.

The MilliCare® Commercial Carpet Care System:

  • Costs less over the life of your investment.
  • Offers better appearance–carpet stays cleaner longer.
  • Includes scheduled maintenance. Systematic cleaning is designed to meet your needs.
  • Cleans dry. Carpet never gets wet.
  • Includes the certified MilliCare Commercial Carpet Care Provider.


  • Use MilliCare™ Dry Carpet Cleaner, developed by Milliken.
  • Use the MilliCare® Commercial Carpet Care System, implemented by a MilliCare® Provider.
  • Do not use detergent or solvent-based cleaning products.
  • Do not use a spin bonnet.

The MilliCare® Commercial Carpet Care System:

  • Maintains high appearance levels longer to save replacement costs.
  • Is a complete, hassle-free maintenance system.
  • Leaves no detergent residues, reducing premature soiling and replacement.
  • Avoids costly downtime.
  • Includes regular evaluations of your carpet’s performance.
  • Uses MilliCare® Commercial Carpet Care Providers, to ensure the highest level of service.
  • Incorporates a customized maintenance schedule that eliminates unnecessary cleaning charges.
  • Includes training in daily carpet care for in-house maintenance staff.