The History

Developed in the late 70’s, the Millicare product was an innovation that was developed to revolutionize the carpet cleaning industry. Initially, the founders at Milliken Research and Development along with DuPont thought this product could be marketed to the retail and wholesale trades as a packaged ‘do it yourself’ product.

Facility Managers needed to be able to depend on expert planning, consistent implementation and a comprehensive plan that met certified repeatable procedures that when practiced, utilized the same equipment, chemicals and skills training so the results and practices could be deemed consistently measured as part of a certified dependable program.

Event based reactive cleaning was not retaining the beauty of the work space, which resulted in unhappy customers. There was clearly a need for a systematic, comprehensive, accountable plan the customers could depend on, using outsourced experts.

The Result

revolutionary product
+ research
+ process
+ skilled professionals
= unbeatable service

Moving Forward

The goal was determined to be long-term customer retention.

What’s better? A local company that understands your market and actually knows you and your business, or an international business with the resources to research and develop new ways to better maintain your space?

With Millicare you get the best of both worlds. The independently owned franchise you know and interact with on a regular basis is also backed by an international network that invests time and money into industry-leading research and development.

Initially, the Millicare Maintenance System was developed through a nationwide network of over 80 independent, motivated entrepreneurs starting in 1983. In the late 90’s the network became a franchised operation.

For three generations, Milliken has lived by a credo that, exceeding customer’s expectations will best position Milliken to realize its own long term business growth objectives. Mr. Milliken as a truly legendary leader knew that if he could match his company’s capabilities to a customer’s very specific requirements, he could roll out a program that is sustainable because ultimately it solves a customer’s identified long-term needs. Differentiation and delivering value as defined by the customer was and always is the norm.

Mr. Roger Milliken, CEO and Dr. Tom Malone were instrumental in the development and principles behind the value based MilliCare preventative maintenance system.

Roger Milliken Center – Where over 100 scientists have developed over 2,300 patents on over 38,000 different products. There are over 12,000 associates who work at the company. The MilliCare products and processes account for 27 breakthrough patents. The system is based on science.


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