About Our Company

Carpet Concepts, Inc. is a carpet maintenance service provider and a MilliCare® Commercial Carpet Care franchisee headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. A privately owned company, Carpet Concepts, Inc. operates under the direction of its founder and president, Barbara Heffernan. With
a staff of 35 experienced administrators and highly trained technicians, two branch offices, Carpet Concepts, Inc. effectively services the carpet needs of businesses in numerous industries throughout Ohio and Indiana.

Company History

In 1983, Barbara Heffernan founded Carpet Concepts, Inc. as an independent carpet maintenance and restoration provider in Louisville, KY. As President, she continues to direct and manage her company’s long-range plans.

During its first year of business, Carpet Concepts, Inc. was selected by Milliken and Company, one of the world’s leading carpet manufacturers, as its tri-state MilliCare® carpet maintenance provider. Distinctions such as “Best of the Best in the Central District” and “Best of the Best in North America” distinguished Carpet Concepts, Inc. for its commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction.

By the mid-‘90s, Carpet Concepts, Inc. had been designated an official, authorized MilliCare® Commercial Carpet Care franchisee. About the same time, Mrs. Heffernan decided to expand the company’s range of services to include work station cleaning, fiber protection, odor neutralization and offer barrier mat systems. Carpet Concepts, Inc. services the carpet maintenance needs of hundreds of businesses, many of which are Fortune 500 companies, in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton, Ohio and throughout Indiana. Offices are staffed in Cincinnati, Columbus and Indianapolis.

Carpet Concepts is WBENC certified.

Our Mission

We believe “You can count on us”. We believe in delivering long-term value in a consistent quality based, process driven preventative carpet maintenance system. We prepare a written proposed plan that addresses your building based on the traffic, challenged areas and population that can cause premature discoloration. Our Goal is to achieve “Total Customer Satisfaction”!

Our Perspective

What is the difference between a “Good Place to Work” and a “Great Place to Work”? A “Good Place to Work” is a place where you know yourself that what you do and provide is important. A “Great Place to Work” is where what you do and provide is acknowledged as important by your company and by your clients. Let us show you what a Great Company we are!

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