Your Partner in LEED Certification

The United States Green Building Council’s (USGBC) certification programs for sustainable buildings, called Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or “LEED,” rewards companies for building and operating green buildings.  Companies can earn points in specific categories for sustainable initiatives.  Earn enough points, and earn your building’s certification.

Facility managers must take a variety of steps to achieve LEED certification.  The program’s position is that no one product or service, no matter how green, can earn LEED points for customers.

But if sustainability is the goal, a non-toxic, dry powder approach to cleaning and maintaining your building’s carpets and textiles can help you get there much more quickly than traditional hot water extraction systems.  Dry carpet cleaning technology directly supports three of the six LEED-EBOM categories: a reduction of your overall energy use, a significant reduction in water use, and preservation of your building’s materials.

Non-toxic, dry powder cleaning of carpets and textiles can help you earn specific points in a fourth category, Indoor Environmental Quality.  Be sure to choose a partner who will work with you to provide documentation you can submit with your LEED report.

Remember, you want a partner whose cleaning is proven effective, as well as green.


This LEED Rating System for Existing Buildings addresses:

    • Whole-building cleaning and maintenance issues including chemical use
    • Ongoing indoor air quality
    • Energy efficiency
    • Water efficiency
    • Green cleaning programs
    • Recycling programs and facilities
    • Exterior maintenance programs, and
    • Systems upgrades to meet green building energy, water, IAQ and lighting performance standards

MilliCare® is a longstanding supporter and member of USGBC

Check out our Indoor Air Quality page to learn more about our cleaning products and how they help you be sustainable.