We have the right plan to maintain your carpet.

To really figure out the best way to keep your space clean, we’ll need to take the time to get to know it.  A Carpet Concepts representative will visit your location to determine the square footage, examine the layout and traffic flow, consider environmental surroundings, examine your carpet type and analyze your overall needs.  After meeting with you to discuss your business and its operations, your consultant will suggest the best combination of services for keeping your space clean – both now and for the long haul.
We create a customized color-coded floorplan that defines the schedule we follow based on your specific building. Below is an example of one of those plans with frequencies listed. Get in touch with us to have one of our representatives come to your facility.
Color coding on CAD scaled prints like the example shown here provides a consistent, thorough, organized and methodical procedure that is intended to be complete and focused entirely on the upkeep of the carpeting. In this example, maintenance means cleaning carpet properly on a regularly scheduled and appropriately frequent basis; done often enough, but not more than needed.

If you clean your carpet only when it looks dirty, the damage has already begun, resulting in an undesirable consistent deterioration of the product.