Our founder, Barbara Heffernan

Barbara Heffernan, our founder and President started Carpet Concepts as her first venture into her own business. She discovered the introduction of “Capture”, a carpet cleaning product that was developed by DuPont and then refined and introduced by Milliken & Company in the late 70’s. Barbara decided to start a carpet cleaning business after using this product and seeing the incredible results.   

Her start was initiated in Louisville, Kentucky, her customers were residential clients. She evolved since 1983, moving into numerous product and process improvements and as an entrepreneur; she refined her business, quickly moved into the Commercial end of carpet care and started her headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Today, Barbara also has offices located in Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana. She has continued to grow with all of the product improvements and today is a member of the largest service network of commercial carpet care professionals in North America. There are over 80 franchise members in the network who can coordinate service for large accounts across the country as a team.